1. How to gain resources early in the game
  2. Mining: Basic
  3. Research: Basic
  4. Control Center: Basic  
  5. Join the alliance 
  6. Colony: Basic

Target : New Commander (Tutorial - Guide Quest)

1. How to gain resources early in the game 

< Complete a Guide Quest >

Complete a guide quest then you can get a lot of resources which are needed early in the game 

< Plundering an Alien Colony  >

You can get resources by attacking alien colonies (Planet slot 15, or slot 25)

Keep attacking them and get resources 

(TIP) Send a Small Transporter together 

To grab resources of an alien colony, make sure that you should include small transporters when composing a fleet 

< Special Quest >

5 Special quests will be given every day (GMT+0) 

You must complete the special quests for resources 

Just press the [START] button, then get reward after 5~8 minutes 

TIP) You must refresh special quest once a day 

It only takes 100 rubies to refresh

You get 60 rubies back with resources, which is very efficient 


2. Mining: Basic 

< Mining Mission  >

You can mine resources by sending miners to the resource planet 

Particularly, you can get xion powder while mining

Xion is the special resource to build xion ships 

< Importance of Xion >

Xion is a special resource needed to build powerful xion ships 

The ships powered by xion are much powerful than normal ships 

< Resource Planet  > 

It is a special planet which is rich in resource deposits also every solar system has one resources planet (planet slot 10)


3. Research: Basic 

< Research: Meaning >

Research means technologies which are required to build ships, facilities

To build high-tech ships, the research must be done before it 

< Research Strategy early in the game >

Research for building ships to attack for Alien Colony is highly recommended

Recommended Research

Recommended ships


4. Control Center: Basic 

< Importance of Control Center >

To build more ships, you should upgrade control centers

With more ships, you can attack alien colony more easily 


< Early Control Center Strategy >

To attack an alien colony, we recommend you to build ships as follows 


5. Join the alliance

< Importance of joining alliance  >

It is absolutely necessary for you to be a member of an alliance 

So, you must join alliance 

< How to join an alliance  >

  1. Go to [Alliance] menu
  2. Touch [Alliance Research] tab
  3. Find alliance or take a look at the list 
  4. Press [Apply] button


6. Colony: Basic 

< Colony : Meaning >

Colony is an extra planet except for your Home Planet 

If you build colony, you can grow faster with 

< How to build a new colony  >

You need 2 things before getting a colony

Complete the Astrophysics research, then send a Colonizer to an empty planet with [Colonization] mission