Expert Guide


  1. How to increase fleet speed
  2. Recycling: Expert 
  3. Mining: Expert
  4. Joint Fleet: Basic
  5. IXS Computing Farm & Rebuilding ships
  6. Research time reduction
  7. Alien Planet, Dark Alien Planet: Expert 
  8. TerraNova: Basic 

Target: Expert Commander (Four or more planets)

1. How to increase fleet speed

< Importance of fleet speed  >

If your fleets are fast, it takes less time to attack enemy

which means your enemy will have difficulty to deal with your attack

< How to increase fleet speed  >

There are many ways to increase fleet speed as follows 


2. Recycling: Expert

< Practice of Recycling >

If you are an expert commander, you may know recycling will be done in about one second, which means if you send Kraken 1~2s later than your enemy, you would not see a piece of the debris in the galaxy

So, you should send both of attack fleet and recycling fleet at the same time 

A. How to collect debris in about 1 to 2 seconds 

1) Send a Kraken to debris of the destination in advance 

2) Before sending an attack fleet, open your event bar then check remaining time for Kraken fleet 

3) Launch the attack fleet to arrive before Kraken 

B. How to collect debris in Alien Planet, Dark Alien Planet, TerraNova

1) In Alien / Dark Alien Planet, TerraNova, debris will be created for 20 minutes after combat 

2) Therefore, there is no way to collect all debris 

3) After combat, send a multiple Kraken fleet at intervals of 5 minute, 10 minutes, 15 minutes


3.  Mining: Expert

< Mining Area Secure Strategy >

There are some strategies to secure mining area as follows

A. Using multiple mining fleet slot

B. Control Planet Occupation 

C. Make enemy's miner emergency return

If you spy on resource planet, you can see who is mining on that Resource Planet 

If the departure is from colony, the following strategy is possible

< Calculation : Mining >

Learn more about mining speed 

So, how many resources you mine per second? 

The amount of mining per second will be as follows 

You can mine 13 resources per second 


4. Joint Fleet: Basic

< Necessity of Joint Fleet >

You can make joint fleet with your alliance member 

With more powerful joint fleet, you can fight against your strong enemy 

< Practice: Joint Fleet  >

Joint Fleet can be used in the following situations 


5. IXS Computing Farm & Rebuilding ships 

< Importance fo the IXS Computing Farm > 

IXS Computing Farm is one of the most important buildings that can be built on Home Planet 

The features of IXS Computing Farm are as follows 

< Fleet Rebuilding Know-how >

These are how to rebuild your ships faster when your entire fleets are destroyed in a large-scale combat 

A. Build Xion ships first  

Xion ships have less building time and less cost than normal ships 

Nightmare -> Invader -> Karma -> etc. It is better to build in order 

They can be participating in combat faster

B. Consider of deployment time 

You should think the distance between a planet fleets gathered and planet of rebuilding

If distance is close, build slow ships 

If distance is far, build fast ships 

C. Use your Combat & Rebuilding colony 

If it is possible, you should build your fleet at the colony with higher level of Military Factory 


6. Research time reduction

< Know-how to reduce research time >

There are 2 of most effective ways of reducing research time 

Also, there are other ways for it as follows 

7. Alien / Dark Alien Planet: Expert

< Occupation Strategy  >

You can occupy Alien/Dark Alien Planet more effectively 

A. Occupy with minimum fleet 

It is to keep occupying with small fleet alive after combat 

1) Launch a fleet which is 80% of alien fleet 

2) Launch 2 or more fleets 



B. Reward 1 Strategy 

It is to get Reward.1 by launching fleet faster than anyone 

As soon as it is created, you should check the reward and make a fleet with the fastest ships 

C. Reward 5 Strategy 

Mostly, 5 Rewards are valuable 

Reward 5 strategy is to deprive someone's occupation, so you should be prepared for their next movement 

Make sure to check following options

1) Occupy with an overwhelming fleet 

2) Occupy with a small fleet 


8. TerraNova: Basic

< TerraNova : Basic >

Terranova is a special place where alliances compete for their combat capacities

There are 4 of TerraNovas in each universe, you can get rewards by occupying Terranova

< How to partake >

Alliance Leader can apply during the application time 

Note that you should check the condition of application 

< TerraNova Combat >

TerraNova: Victory 

TerraNova: Defeat 

TerraNova: Draw 

In addition, the reward will be given as following

< TerraNova Strategy  >

The followings are the most commonly used strategies in TerraNova

A. Organize the team of attacker and defender

First thing to do before TerraNova is is to organize members of its role 



B. Take advantage of preemptive occupation 

This strategy is a number of members are trying to occupy enemy's scepter and Terra Core 

Strong Point 

Weak Point

C. Drop the HP with small fleet 

This strategy is to drop the Hp of Terra Core and Scepters by launching small fleets 

It is the most common strategy used right after the TerraNova's open 

Strong Point