Ship Building FAQ

What is Control Center?

You should upgrade Control Centers to build more ships and to have stronger fleet

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I want to know how many ships I can produce right now

You can see it on the [Shipyard] menu

I want to build Valkyrie but, it says that I need ship design?

If you want to build Valkyrie or higher tier ships, you need ship design first apart from Tech-tree

You can develop the design at Design Academy(See more) or purchase at Special Shop

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Why cannot I build a Nightmare?

<Check if you have enough Tier 1 Xion>

In order to build one Nightmare, you need 10 Blue, 10 Red, and 10 Black Tier-1 Xion.

You can check if you have enough in [Shipyard]

BLX1 10 (0/10) in the example screenshot indicates that there is 0 remaining Black Xion and thus no more Nightmare can be built.

Go to [Shipyard] and check if you have enough Tier 1 Xion.

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