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Resource Facilities

Metal Mine

< Description : Metal Mine >

Metal is one of the most widely used resources for your empire development. Metal is required for nearly everything such as facilities, resource mines, ships, defense weapons, research, and so on. Massive demand for Metal urged human being to develop the most advanced technology of mining and refining Metal 

< Feature : Metal Mine >

< Metal Production Rate by Mass Type >

Crystal Mine

< Description : Crystal Mine >

Scientists discovered that when high-generated laser is projected onto some raw material it can acquire extraordinarily high durability and named it Crystal. Since the beginning of space colonization era, it became the second most widely used resource next to Metal Raw. Crystal might easily lose its potential durability when exposed to Hydrogen gas, and it must be stored in water Since the demand for Crystal always has been overwhelming the supply, it should be used with caution 

< Feature : Crystal Mine >

< Crystal Production Rate by Mass Type >

Gas Synthesizer

< Description : Gas Synthesizer >

Large amount of gas is required especially for ships : building, operating, engine research, etc. Thus, demand for Gas become far higher in war than in peace. Gas is buried below low-temperature lithosphere under the sea, and thus it's usually more abundant in low-temperature planets 

< Feature : Gas Synthesizer >

Solar Plant

< Description : Solar Planet >

Mining resource requires massive amount of electricity, and solar generation was proved to be possibly the most efficient electricity generation technology. Without sufficient solar energy it would be impossible to keep your mining working at maximum productivity. Note that Solar Plant on a planet closer to the sun generates more electricity than Solar Plant on a distant planet does

< Feature : Solar Planet >

Metal Storage

< Description : Metal Storage >

Fast developing empires could find that storing Metal is a challenging problem. Sufficient space should be secured by upgrading Metal storage at right time

< Feature : Metal Storage >

Crystal Storage

< Description : Crystal Storage >

Crystal should be stored under water, and Crystal storage required another technology totally different from Metal Storage technology. So the technology came into actual application a few centuries later than Metal Storage technology

< Feature : Crystal Storage >

Gas Tank

< Description : Gas Tank >

Compared with Metal Storage or Crystal Storage, Gas Tank was relatively easier for engineers to design. But the risk of explosion required most strict and precise control in handling excessive Gas synthesizing

< Feature : Gas Tank >

Recycling Plant

< Description : Recycling Planet > 

In Recycling Plant disused resource is recomposed into usable resource through no less than 7 times repetition of vacuum filtering process. Complicated location requirements allows Recycling Plant to be built only in home planet

< Feature : Recycling Planet > 


Robotics Factory

< Description : Robotics Factory >

In Robotics Factory all the construction robots are built which are designed to work in a wide range of harsh atmospheric conditions. Building higher level buildings requires more sophisticated robots from higher level Robotics Factory

< Feature : Robotics Factory >

Research Center

< Description : Research Center >

Large and strong space empires can be established only through most advanced technologies. Empires with higher level of Research Center would be faster in researching technologies. Later, if you succeed in establishing Intergalactic Research Network all the researchers over all your colony planets could work together to advance your technologies even faster

< Feature : Research Center > 

Design Academy

< Description : Design Academy >

Some of the most radical scientists separated themselves from Research Center and established Design Academy of War-Ship (DAW) in which they focus on War-Ship technologies. So, only empires with DAW can build high-Tier War-Ship. Intergalactic Peace Federation banned Carrier and higher-Tier ships, but there are some reports allege the regulation is violated in secret by a few aggressive empires

< Feature : Design Academy >

Xion Laboratory

< Description : Xion Laboratory >

In Xion Laboratory Xion powder can be refined and crystallized, and also Xion crystal can be decomposed into powder. Xion has been regarded as the most powerful source of energy since Nightmare equipped with Xion came into prominence in the years of The Universe War XVII, and it has always been at the center of the biggest conflicts between empires. Currently, 3 kinds of Xion are known and used as energy source for high-Tier War-Ships. You must build the Xion Laboratory to compose and decompose the Xion powder and, it can be built only in home planet

< Feature : Xion Laboratory >

Military Factory

< Description : Military Factory >

In Military Factory ships and defense weapons are built. With upgraded Military Factory, you can hire distinguished engineers for ships and weapons of higher technology. Also, you can enjoy the shortened building time

< Feature : Military Factory >

Alliance Conference Center 

< Description : Alliance Conference Center >

Alliance Conference Center is required when you want to command a joint fleet. Even the most powerful empire just can not dominate the universe alone, and alliances have been formed throughout galaxies. Meetings for joint operations with alliance members are convened at Alliance Conference Center, and the decisions always have grave consequences

< Feature : Alliance Conference Center >

Level Member Dispatching Ship
1 1 30%
2 1 33%
3 2 36%
4 2 39%
5 3 42%
6 3 45%
7 4 48%
8 4 51%
9 4 55%
10 4 60%

< Joint Fleet Command Officer >

1) Alliance Conference Center

2) Joint Fleet Commander Officer

3) Joint Fleet Invitation

4) Commanding a Joint Fleet

5) Dissolution

  1. The joint fleet will be dissolved automatically when the fleet returns
  2. The joint fleet will be dissolved automatically when the on-site operation ends (if it's in the middle of on-site operation of an occupation mission)
  3. The joint fleet will be dissolved automatically when the fleet arrives at the destination (if it's in the middle of deployment mission)
  1. When the fleet is in the middle of a mission
  2. When the fleet stays at Control Planet to guard (See more about Occupation mission)

6) ETC

IXS Computing Farm

< Description : IXS Computing Farm >

IXS-2000 is the most powerful supercomputer ever for construction and building optimization. Only a few gifted programmers in the universe can hold the command over its operational complexity. Despite its astronomical cost IXS-2000 and the programmers will prove themselves worth with its performance boost in building time. Also, the computing farm is designed to enable all your colony planets to share the benefits of IXS-2000 on your home planet

< Feature : IXS Computing Farm >

Advanced Research Annex

< Description : Advanced Research Annex >

In order to meet the request for faster research Advanced Research Annex (ARA) is required, which provides researchers with wide variety of facilities to help with their research and even with their personal lives. This kind of extraordinary support for research proves the importance of research for developing the universe. 

< Feature : Advanced Research Annex >

Space Dockyard

< Description : Space Dockyard >

Because the weight of Carrier-Tier and Titan-Tier ships could crush the crusts of planets, they are built in Space Dockyard. In order to prevent the total collapse of mankind, IPF (Intergalactic Peace Federation) banned those ships, and Space Dockyard can be built secretly only in colony planets, when you choose a power over peace

< Feature : Space Dockyard >

Lunar Base

< Description : Lunar Base >

Lunar Base administers all the activities in moon, including communication with the mother planet, managing construction supply, and providing residence to workers, controlling atmospheric conditions, etc. Upgrading Lunar base increases the field, and enables more buildings to be built and upgraded

< Feature : Lunar Base >

Space Radar

< Description : Space Radar >

With Space Radar, all the fleet operations in a certain range can be scanned. Based the scan reports Hyperspace Missiles can be launched to shoot down enemy fleets in moving. Radar scan consumes Gas and needs to be performed with caution.  Upgrading of Scan Radar will increase the scan range

< Feature : Space Radar >

Warp Gate

< Description : Warp Gate >

Fleets can teleport instantaneously from one Warp Gate to another. The operation of Warp Gate requires enormous amount of energy, and needs to be cooled down very long time until the next operation. Note that scientists proved that there is no feasible solution to teletransport resource through Warp Gate Higher level of Warp Gate requires less cool-down time

< Feautre : Warp Gate >

< Warp Gate Cool-down TIME >

Missile Facilities

Missile Silo

< Description : Missile Silo >

In Missile Silo, Ballistic Missiles and Anti-missile Missiles are stored. Ballistic Missiles are used to demolish enemy defense turrets and cannons. You will have to be fully aware of nearby enemies with Missile Silo, and to prepare Anti-missile Missiles to block incoming missile attack

< Feature : Missile Silo >

Quark Missile Silo

< Description : Quark Missile Silo >

In Quark Missile Silo, Quark Missiles are stored. Quark Missile is designed to destroy some of enemy buildings of strategic importance, and if it hits the right target, damage could be fatal to the enemy empire. But high miss rate, high manufacturing cost and high stand-by cost require extreme caution before launching resolution

< Feature : Quark Missile Silo >

Hyperspace Missile Silo

< Description : Hyperspace Missile Silo >

In Hyperspace Missile Silo, Hyperspace Missiles are stored. Hyperspace Missile is a missile against moving fleets which can be launched only from a moon. Even when the amount of damage itself is not very serious, it can still ruin the entire fleet operations. So, IPF (Intergalactic Peace Federation) had to strictly prohibit its use during non-wartime

< Feature : Hyperspace Missile Silo >

MISC Facilities

Control Center

< Description : Control Center >

Control Center is the facility where can provide control of units, it includes both of ships and defenses

< Feature : Control Center >