Fleet Mission


  1. Espionage
  2. Transport
  3. Deployment
  4. Attack 
  5. Occupation
  6. Recycling
  7. Colonization
  8. Mining
  9. Joint Fleet

1. Espionage 

This mission can be performed by Observers

You can look over other planets conditions though [Espionage] mission

More detailed information can be gathered with higher level of Espionage Technology

See more about the level of Espionage Report 

2. Transport

You can transport resources to another planets, usually to your planets

Ships returns to the departure planet automatically on unloading

3. Deployment

You can deploy your ships to another planets of yours

The ships will remain in the destination planet

4. Attack

You can attack planets of enemies

Note that in order to take resource from the target planet, you need to win the combat (See more)

So, when you want enemy's resource, attack fleet should be composed to have sufficient firepower as well as sufficient capacity

5. Occupation

There are 4 kinds of Occupation missions

  1. Occupying Control Planet (See more)
  2. Occupying Alien Planet (See more)
  3. Occupying other user's planet (See more)
  4. Defending my planet 

< How to occupy other user's planet >

There are  4 Phases

  1. Start
  2. On-site Operation
  3. Pseudo - Occupation
  4. Completion

The following information is a detailed explanation of those phases

1. Start

Target must be a (hp) player (See more)

Note that

2. On-site Operation 

If On-site Operation begins, HP of the planet will be decreased 

If your fleet holds up until HP drops to zero, you succeed in the occupation

< HP decrease >

12 per second

Note that 

< What happens to the target planet >

3. Pseudo-Occupation (24hours)

When On-site operation is completed successfully

The planet almost became yours

but you cannot do anything but fleet operation for 24 hours

< HP recovery >

6 per second

2 times faster when 

4. Completion

Now, It's yours completely

< Occupation Cool-down >

6. Recycling

The objective of Recycling mission is to collect debris which is left behind in space after combats

Only Krakens can conduct Recycling mission

< How to launch a Recycling Mission >

Kraken is needed for recycling

Debris are shown in Galaxy

< List View >

< Galaxy View >

< Launching Steps >

  1. Select a Kraken in the [Fleet] menu
  2. Touch [Next] button
  3. Enter or confirm the coordinates
  4. Make sure to choose debris as your destinateion (Important)
  5. Touch [Next] button
  6. Select [Recycling] mission
  7. Touch [Recycling] button

7. Colonization

You can colonize an empty planet 

In a colony, you can do almost everything of what you do in Home planet 

< Colony : Conditions  >

< Launching Steps >

  1. Select a Colonizer in [Fleet] menu
  2. Touch [Next] button
  3. Enter the coordinates you are about to colonize
  4. Make sure the destination is an empty planet (Important)
  5. Touch [Next] button
  6. Select [Colonization] mission
  7. Touch [Colonization] button

< New Colony >

You can access the new colony through [Planet Select] at the right side of your screen

Colonizer will be destroyed as soon as Colonization mission is over

You should check a few parameters of the new colony

< Tips for Colonization >

8. Mining

You can mine the resource in Resource Planet with Miners

< Q&A About Mining >

Q. How to mine?

Q. How to mine faster?

Q. How to mine more?

Q. When do Miners return?

Q. Which resource shall my Miners grab?

Q. Can I use 2 fleets to mine?

Q. When to launch? How many miners?

< Mining Speed >

<Mining fleet slot & Mining Technology>

<How to launch a Mining Mission>

  1. Select a Miner in [Fleet] menu
  2. Touch  [Next] button
  3. Enter the coordinates of Resource Planet
  4. Touch [Next] button
  5. Select [Mining] mission
  6. Touch [Mining] button

9. Joint Fleet

When an alliance member invites you to participate in a joint fleet

You can dispatch your fleet through Joint Fleet Mission

The fleet will be put under the commander's control who invited you (See more about Alliance Conference Center)

1) Joint Fleet mission

 Dispatching your fleet to another alliance member

2) Start of mission

You can only execute Joint Fleet mission when you receive an invitation from Joint Fleet Command Officer (JFCO)

3) End of mission

Mission ends when 

4) Etc

Joint Fleet mission takes up 1 fleet slot until the end of the mission.

You can participate only one Joint Fleet mission at a time

When you host a joint fleet, you cannot participate in another joint fleet

If you host a Joint Fleet, your Unit point is boosted temporarily and a certain (hp) player can be turned into (white) player accordingly