U-Craft Mobile is a  SF Space Strategy Mobile Game, in which you can develop your planets and build Empire in galaxies

You can organize Alliance with other commanders and advance the plan to dominate the universe

You can be a Bandit King, making your living by plunder, or you can be a guardian for your friends, punishing offenders

Wish you good luck

Territory War in Galaxy

  1. Planet Occupation

  2. Struggle for control over Solar System

  3. Galaxy Map

1. Planet Occupation

You can occupy another user's planet

If it is successful, the whole planet comes under your command

You will see how much you want to take a planet of strategic importance

2. Struggle for control over Solar System


You can occupy Control Planet of a solar system

If succeed, you and your alliance will receive various benefits

Stay alert.  Enemy alliances want it too

3. Galaxy Map

Each spot represents a solar system on the map

Colors represent the alliances who owns the control of the solar systems

You can see the territories of empires

I'm looking forward to seeing your dominance across the galaxies

Military Strategy

  1. Missiles

  2. Lunar Construction

  3. Space Dockyard

  4. Alliance Conference Center

1. Missiles

Missile Silo

It's a launching facility for Ballistic Missiles and Anti-missile Missiles

If the planet you are planning to attack has defenses, you better launch the Ballistic Missile First before sending fleets

Quark Missile Silo

It's a launching facility for Quark Missiles

Hyperspace Missile Silo

It's a launching facility for Hyperspace Missiles

You need to set up Space Radars and Hyperspace Missile Silo at locations of strategic importance

2. Lunar Construction

Moon can be created on occasion

In the moon, special facilities can be built

Space Radar

Space radar can detect all the fleet activities in a certain range

You can shoot down the detected fleets with Hyperspace Missiles     

Warp Gate

It takes time for fleets to travel from one planet to another

But through Warp Gates, your fleets can jump to another planet instantly

3. Space Dockyard

Carrier-Tier and Titan-Tier war ships can be built only in Space Dockyard

Space Dockyard should be built in colony planets, avoiding enemies' awareness

4. Alliance Conference Center

You can launch joint fleet operation with your alliance members

Imagine how much damage your joint fleets can inflict upon strong enemies

Development and Growth

  1. Attack and Plunder

  2. Alien System

  3. Resource planet

  4. Quest

1. Attack and Plunder

You can inspect enemy planets through [Espionage] mission with Observers

Based on the Espionage Report, you can organize an assault fleet to attack and plunder

2. Alien System

Aliens are system-controlled AI, which does not retaliate for your assault. In various circumstances, you will be engaged in lots of combats with Aliens 

Also, you might have fun with Alien system which are Alien Colony and Alien Planet, Dark Alien Planet that are getting stronger as your growth

You will be given a lot of the reward as you attack it 

3. Resource Planet

Explore Resource Planets around your planets

They are rich in resource deposit waiting for you to come and get

If you're lucky enough, you can also come across Xion reserve, the most rarest and precious resource, in Resource Planet

4. Quest

Normal Quests will help you with your development regarding construction, research, ship building, etc

You should also conduct Special Quests like alien life protection, hunting traitors, attending occasions, and so on

They will show you the right path to dominance and glory