1. Player Ranking
  2. Alliance Ranking
  3. Insignia

1. Player Ranking

Rankings of a few categories will be indicating as follows

- Total : Total resources spent in construction, research, building ships, etc, represented in level

- Economy : Total resources spent in resource buildings and facilities, represented in level

- Research : Total resources spent in research, represented in level

- Unit : Total resources spent in building ships and control towers, represented in level

- Unit Built : Total resources spent in building ships, defense turrents, and missiles

- Unit Destruction : Total resources of enemy units you have destroyed

- Damaged : Total resources of lost units

- Honour Point : Accumulated honor points (See more)

2. Alliance Ranking

Alliance Rankings are calculated by sums of Player Ranking Points.

- Total : Sum of Total (in level) of all members  (See more in Player Ranking)

- Economy : Sum of Economy (in level) of all members

- Research : Sum of Research (in level) of all members

- Unit : Sum of Unit (in level) of all members

- Unit Built : Sum of Unit Built of all members

- Unit Destruction

: Sum of Unit Destruction of all members

- Damaged : Sum of Unit Damaged of all members

- Honour Point : Sum of honour points

of all members

3. Insignia

Insignias are given to Rank 1 ~ Rank 9 players in 6 categories

Insignias can be seen in

< Insignia : Ranking >

< Insignia : Galaxdy View >

< Insignia : List View >

If badges are duplicated, a badge color of the highest part will be seen in the List View

< Insignia : Chat window >