1. General Resources
  2. Xion

1. General Resources

Metal -  relatively easy to get and it is used everywhere

Crystal - a bit more valuable than Metal and it is used for more sophisticated works especially advanced research

Gas - used mainly for fuel for ships but also used in other works

Energy - acquired only through Solar Plant and used for resource production and missile stand-by


2. Xion

Xion is extremely rare and it is the most important resource in the universe. It is required to build extraordinarily powerful ships

< Basics >

Xion Powders can be acquired with Miners through [Mining] mission at Resource Planet

Xion Powders can be composed into Tier 1 Xion to Tier 5 Xion at Xion Laboratory

Higher Tier Xion requires more powders and is used for more powerful ships

< Note >

Xion cannot be taken by enemies by any means

Even when Xion ships are destroyed, your Xion is not lost.

Even without Xion Laboratory, Xion is stored in place, and you can access it after building Xion Laboratory