1. Summary
  2. Rules
  3. Combat
  4. Rewards
  5. Appointment
  6. Destruction Ranking
  7. Application

1. Summary

Terranova is a special place where alliances compete their combat capacities

< Where >

0:1:xx ~ 0:4:xx

You can reach there through Terranova Wormhole which is located at the bottom of your Home Planet solar system (in List View)

< When >

It is opened 7 days after the end of the previous Terranova

<How to partake>s

Alliance leaders can apply during the application time

You have to choose one of the four Terranova

2. Rules


The alliance that destroys Terra Core wins

Terra Core 

< KO >

The alliance who loses its Scepter cannot do anything


Even when you are knocked out, you are not still lost

Terranova only ends when Terra Core is destroyed

< Draw >

If Terra Core is not destroyed for 12 hours, no one wins

Note that 

3. Combat

< Fleet Stacking  >

The fleets of an alliance are stacked at Terra Core and Scepters

The defense fleets in your Scepter can be returned anytime

The occupying fleets in enemy Scepters or Terra Core cannot be returned

< Combat with a fleet stack >

When an attacking fleet lands at the stack, the fleets in the stack engage one after another in random order

< Creation of Debris > 

< Buff >

Fleets in a stack hold buffs as follows

In Terra Core

In enemy Alliance Scepter

In our Alliance Scepter

< Debuff >

An entering fleet engaging with a fleet stack gets debuff as follows

This debuff is common to the fleets entering Terra Core, our Scepter, or enemy Scepter

4. Rewards


If your alliance win, huge amount of resources are given to your alliance as a reward

Terranova Metal Crystal Gas Etc
4 Terranova 450 M 300 M 250 M Emperor
3 Terranova 180 M 120 M 100 M  
2 Terranova 90 M 60 M 50 M  
1 Terranova 45 M 30 M 25 M  


If you lose, there is no reward


50% of the reward is split to the participants in proportion to their Occupation points

20% of the reward is reserved for the winner of the next Terranova

5. Appointment

The leader of winner alliance of Terra Nova 4 becomes Emperor automatically


+20% Resource Production

+15% Fleet Firepower

+30% Fleet Speed

Emperor can appoint anyone to one of the following 19 posts






+20% Resource Production

+15% Fleet Firepower

+30% Fleet Speed



+15% Resource Production

+15% Fleet Firepower 

+20% Fleet Speed

Universe Chief


+10% Fleet Firepower

+15% Fleet Speed

Universe Marshal


+5% Fleet Firepower

+10% Fleet Speed

Occupation Captain


-10% Planet HP Decreases

Master of Coin


+15% Resource Production

Vice Master of Coin


+10% Resource Production

Factory Master


+20% Unit Building Speed

Grand Miner


+60% Mining Speed

Chief Miner


+30% Mining Speed

Also, Emperor can impose heavy debuffs on 7 enemies

Core's Prisoner


-5% Resource Production

-5% Fleet Firepower

War Criminal


-5% Fleet Firepower

Heavy Tax Payer


-5% Resource Production

6. Destruction Ranking Reward

Those who destroyed most receives various rewards as follows

Rank Reward (1) Reward (2) Reward (3)
1 Gold Dual Element (4) 1,000  Debuff Immunity 
2-5 Gold Dual Element (3) 550 Debuff Immunity
6-10 Gold Dual Element (2) 450  
11-20 Silver Dual Element (3) 350  
21-40 Silver Dual Element (2) 300  
41-70 Silver Dual Element (1) 250  
71-100 Bronze Dual Element (2) 200  

The ranking is determined from all the users in Terranova 1 ~ 4

7. Application


Next application time is shown in Terra Nova (0:1~0:4)

There is a 16-hour window for the application

and Terra Nova begins 6 hours after the application is closed